23 Aug 2014
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You're doing what in your PJ's at home today?

Our homes are even more important than ever before as more of us work from home, retire and pursue passions, live at home rather than head to assisted living centers. Michigan sunrooms offer great ways to stay in a too small home with an addition.

You're doing what in your PJ's at home today? You're doing what in your PJ's at home today? You're doing what in your PJ's at home today?

You're doing what in your PJ's at home today?

Winter weather advisories, fog alerts, record cold and snowfall....this year's Michigan Winter has more of us spending our days at home the first 10 days of this year.  But that's not the only reason, some boomers are retiring and pursuing passions and hobbies, some of us are changing careers which includes working from home and at the "job" of changing careers (temporarily, at least).
Our homes have always been where we regroup and rejuvenate, recreate and rendezvous too, but now more than ever our homes are THE HUB of things to come, family time, collections for things from the past.

Unless you possess more discipline about keeping things, fewer kids and associates to feed and shelter on occasion, your home like mine is pretty busy and cluttered.  Most of us love our neighbors and neighborhoods, established landscaping, nearby conveniences but could use a little more space.

I'm here to suggest, a Michigan Sunroom could provide something for everyone without a lot of hassle.  Here's why:
  • * additions are well, done outside, not that disruptive
  • * additions can be seasonal use or year-round comfort
  • * additions can be any size (given local setback reqs)
  • * additions can add shade or sun - as your require
  • * additions can be top to bottom brand new ....or....
  • "added" to the deck, slab, foundation you already have
  • * additions can enclose things like: hot tubs, play areas, home offices, dining nooks, exercise studios, pools!
  • * additions can be affordable and done in phases
  • * additions give quick enjoyment
  • * additions grow with home value longer term
  • * additions provide escape from others or a place for others such as returning adult children  or aging parents
  • * additions can be designed for aging in place rather than moving to a assisted living facility
  • * additions "ADD" possibilities in living space, purposes, usability of lonely exterior decks
  • * additions can provide an outdoor feel without bugs/debris and weather extremes spoiling fun
  • * additions trump the headaches and expense of moving to gain living space and update the home!

My addition builder was MichiganSunrooms.com on Woodward at the Birmingham & Royal Oak, MI line

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