Jul 28, 2014

35 Below? Weather Service Issues Wind Chill Watch

Dangerous wind chills may persist through Wednesday morning.

35 Below? Weather Service Issues Wind Chill Watch
Story by  Joni Hubred-Golden 

A new wave of Arctic air could send wind chills plummeting again Monday through early Wednesday.

In a  wind chill watch advisory, the National Weather Service warns that temperatures will drop below zero Monday night. Add in winds blowing at 10-15 miles per hour, and the potential exists for wind chills falling to 30-35 degrees below zero. 

Dangerously low wind chills will persist through Wednesday morning, according to the NWS alert. 

Wind chills may lead to hypothermia or frost bite on skin exposed to the elements even for a short time. If you venture out, out dress in layers to keep warm and be sure to wear a hat and gloves. 

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