Jul 28, 2014
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Angry, Naked Man Blows Off Steam By Reckless Driving in Dearborn

The man told police that he drove into two stop signs, a fire hydrant, and damaged other property because he was angry.

Angry, Naked Man Blows Off Steam By Reckless Driving in Dearborn
Dearborn Police responded to reports of a naked man yelling and banging on a residential door around 12:24 a.m. New Year's Day, in the area of Theisen Street and Blesser Avenue.

While on route, dispatch advised the officers that the man, 31, had gotten into his vehicle and was intentionally crashing into public and private property.

By the time police arrived the man had parked his silver 1999 Pontiac, which had heavy front-end damage rendering it undrivable.

However, the tracks in the snow showed that the man had knocked down two stop signs, struck a fire hydrant, and drove onto the front lawn of a residence on Theisen, striking a lawn ornament, before coming to a stop on Blesser Avenue, east of Theisen.

Police later discovered that the 911 caller was the man's brother, and that he had come to his house unannounced, banging on the door. When his brother wouldn't answer, the man began breaking the door, causing damage to the glass, frame and door itself.

When police asked the man why he was damaging property, he responded by saying he became angry and was driving to try and "hit things."

The man was arrested for three counts of Reckless Driving and one count Damage to Property. His bond was set at $500, and his brother chose not to press charges against him.

No explanation was given for why the man was naked.

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