Jul 28, 2014
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Dearborn Schools Show Overall Improvement in 2011 MEAPs

Though Dearborn Public Schools' reading scores still fell below state averages, the district showed improvement in math and reading for most grades.

Dearborn Schools Show Overall Improvement in 2011 MEAPs

Dearborn Public Schools saw overall improvements in math and reading in its 2011 Michigan Education Assessment Program scores, which were released Wednesday by the Michigan Department of Education.

In a pattern similar to statewide trends, Dearborn's proficiency levels mostly increased–with few exceptions.

Math proficiency levels were up in every grade except eighth; reading proficiency was up in every grade except third. In writing, which is only measured by MEAP in fourth and seventh grade, proficiency was down 3 percent and up .1 percent, respectively. Science proficiency was down 2.7 percent in fifth grade and stagnant in eighth grade. Social studies was up 4.4 percent for sixth grade, but down 4 percent for ninth grade.

This past year, the state adopted "cut scores" for the MEAP that represented career- and college-ready achievement standards.

According to the Michigan Department of Education, MEAP cut scores better reflect how well schools are preparing students for success at the next grade level and whether all Michigan students are progressing at a level sufficient for them to be career- and college-ready when they complete their high school education.

These more rigorous cut scores have been applied operationally for the first time to the fall 2011 MEAP results released Wednesday, as well as retroactively applied to MEAP results from prior years for purposes of accurate comparison.

Here's a year-by-year look at Dearborn's district-wide scores showing the percentage of proficiency for all tests in all grades.

2010 MEAP proficiency (adjusted for cut score comparison)

GradeMathReadingWritingScienceSocial Studies3 34.9 50.8

4 45.4 58.5 52.8

5 41.3 54.9
6 41.6 50.8

20.3 7 39.9 48.3 53.1

8 30.7 55.8


2011 MEAP proficiency

GradeMathReadingWritingScienceSocial Studies3 36.4 47.8 4 47.1 61.7 49.8 5 44.7 60.1 10.8 6 42.8 56.7 24.7 7 42.6 52.7 53.2 8 28.3 58 14.1 9 23.1

Overall, Dearborn's scores fell at or above state averages for proficiency in math in all grades, but below state averages in reading. Dearborn's writing scores came in above statewide scores, but significantly below in social studies.

Of the statewide MEAP scores, Superintendent of Public Instruction Mike Flanagan said he was generally pleased.

"We have a lot of room to grow, but this is a positive step," he said in a statement. "I am very confident that we have professionals in our classrooms who will continue to step up to the challenge of preparing our students to achieve at higher levels."

Comment from Dearborn Public Schools administration was not immediately available. However, it is expected that the district will present the Board of Education with a full report on MEAP scores at its Feb. 27 or March 12 meeting.

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