Jul 28, 2014

DMC to Host Weight Loss Challenge in Dearborn

The weight loss program runs Jan. 14-March 4.

DMC to Host Weight Loss Challenge in Dearborn

If you're one of the millions of Americans who made a resolution to lose weight, why not make it a real challenge?

The DMC Wellness Center, located within the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center, is hosting an 8-week weight loss program from Jan. 14-March 4.

Registration runs through Jan. 21, and is $15 per person. Registrants must be at least 15 years of age, but are not required to be Dearborn residents or members of the center. Registration forms can be picked up at the front desk of the DMC office.

Weekly weigh-ins and seminars will be held every Monday evening at 7 p.m. in Club Room 1 of the Center. Discussions will last 30 minutes, followed by weigh-ins and body fat checks. If a participant can't make the seminar, a weigh-in can be done on the fitness floor by an attendant.

First and second place winners will be announced March 15 in two categories: most percent body fat lost, and most percent body weight lost.

Here's a look at the weight loss seminar topics:

Jan. 14

  • Program Kickoff and Q&A
  • Psychology behind weight loss: barriers and motivators
  • Door prize: 20 percent off personal training coupon

Jan. 21

  • The importance of physical activity
  • Great fitness apps for your phone
  • Door prize: Blood pressure screenings

Jan. 28

  • Basic Nutrition—how to read labels
  • Door prize: Local grocery story gift certificates

Feb. 4

  • How to decrease percent body fat
  • Door prize: 20 percent off personal training coupon

Feb. 11

  • Best foods for weight loss
  • Door prize: Water bottles

Feb. 18

  • Cardiovascular exercise and target heart rate
  • Door prize: Local grocery store gift certificates

March 4

  • Importance of strength training
  • Door prize: Basic strength training program

A grace period weigh-in with a fitness attendant will last until Friday, March 8.

Questions? Call the DMC Fitness Office at 313-943-2135.

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