Jul 28, 2014
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When is the Amnesty Period for Unpaid Dearborn Civil Tickets?

The city has announced an amnesty period for residents to settle unpaid tickets without incurring additional collection costs.

When is the Amnesty Period for Unpaid Dearborn Civil Tickets?

The 19th District Court for the city of Dearborn announces this year’s amnesty program for unpaid civil infraction tickets.  This is an opportunity for individuals to settle their old debts with the court and for the court to clear up a backlog of files without additional collection costs.

The program began Monday and will end on Friday, May 16.

Amnesty applies only to those individuals who present themselves at the 19th District Court, 16077 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, during business hours of 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Included are all payable parking and traffic civil infraction tickets issued by the Dearborn Police Department, Michigan State Police and Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, within the city of Dearborn.

Individuals for whom arrest warrants have been issued for failure to appear in court on their civil infraction will have their arrest warrant lifted. These individuals may come to court without fear of being arrested for their voluntary appearance.

This is a one-time effort to clear a backlog of cases. Once free from the backlog, the court will be moving more aggressively to enforce and collect all unpaid tickets, including all penalties and late fees.

The 19th District Court Judges have authorized that for this period of amnesty the ticket will be reduced to the original fine and a $45.00 suspension fee if applicable.  Upon full payment, the court will notify the Secretary of State to lift the suspension.

Payment plans will not be offered. All payments must be cash, certified check, money order or credit card.

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