Jul 28, 2014
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Cubmobiles Race to the Finish Line

Dexter scouts participate in Memorial Day races.

Cubmobiles Race to the Finish Line Cubmobiles Race to the Finish Line

The parking lot of Dexter High School was abuzz Monday afternoon as roughly 14 Cub Scout teams participated in the first Memorial Day Cubmobile Race in four years.

“Our pack sponsored this event years ago and we’re bringing back just for fun this year,” Scoutmaster Don Griffiths said. “No one is competing today.”

Similar to a soapbox derby race, Cubmobiles, which are scout propelled wooden race cars, race down concrete or other smooth surfaced hills. The derby is run in heats. Each den has one Cubmobile, and each boy in the den races the car one time (one driver and three pushers). The den with the lowest average racing time wins.

Brock Angler of Pack 442, said his Cubmobile took about a month to complete, while Joey Luallen said his Cubmobile took about three weeks.

“We decided who gets to ride it based on who did the most work,” Luallen said. “It drives pretty fast; we tested it yesterday.”

Griffiths said building the carts is fun for both scouts and their parents.

“Children collaborate with their parents to build the racer. According to Cubmobile rules, the adult guardians are not supposed to build the racer, only supervise in the construction.”

Griffiths said Monday’s event was a success, drawing a large crowd despite outdoor temperatures reaching 90 degrees.

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