Jul 26, 2014

What Are Dexter’s Most Dangerous Intersections?

One Patch reader says it’s Dexter/Chelsea Road and Main Street; another says Shield/Baker Road. What do you think?

What Are Dexter’s Most Dangerous Intersections?

Should Village of Dexter officials consider placing a stop light at Dexter/Chelsea Road and Main Street?

Some Patch readers think so after reading a post expressing concern that asks the village trustees to look into the situation because it’s ”very dangerous to make a left turn onto Island Lake.”

Susan Cramer agrees the intersection “can be tricky,” but says the Shield/Baker Road intersection is more dangerous.

“I am really surprised there hasn’t been a terrible tragedy here,” Cramer said, noting that she goes out of her way to avoid the intersection.

Another reader said that unpaved roads create a safety issue because the tail lights on vehicles become caked over with mud and other motorists can’t see their brake lights.

“Most of the residents with dirt roads want them kept that way,” Julie Wilkinson responded. “It helps to keep the number of speeding cars down.”

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