Jul 28, 2014
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Cruising Woodward in a Muscle Car Running on CNG

Cruising Woodward in a Muscle Car Running on CNG

We had a great weekend starting with our “Wine, Classic Cars and a Muscle Car Running on CNG” on Friday at The Woodward Warehouse.  We unveiled to the group of over 50 automotive enthusiasts our high performance 2003 Mustang GT which puts out 469 HP at the rear wheels, which equates to over 500 HP at the crank.  We modified this performance vehicle to be a Bi-Fuel vehicle, meaning it runs on Gasoline or CNG both with Alcohol injection to maximize horsepower.


The group was impressed with the show car quality vehicle and the impressive mechanical modifications to make it operate on CNG with alcohol injection.  See the updated website www.performcng.com for pictures of the event and all of the technical details of the vehicle, even a video of it running on CNG.


On Saturday my partner, Todd Connolly and myself cruised all day at the 2013 Woodward Dream Cruise with over 1 million spectators on a perfect weather day with over 30,000 other classic and muscle cars.  We stood out in a crowd, every time we stopped we drew a crowd and were able to explain the technology and the positive story of CNG as a practical fuel for vehicles.  We even did a “live” 5 minute TV interview on Fox Channel 2 covering the story of the vehicles development, technology, performance and the benefits of CNG as a viable fuel.  More media inquiries are happening to help us tell our story to the Metro Detroit area, the Automotive Capital of the World.


Based on this experience, interest in and the many contacts made we are planning our next project.  We have accelerated our learning curve on this project and already have ideas on how to improve our engineering approach and shatter some more paradigms.


More than ever I strongly believe using CNG as a fuel in vehicles is a real game changer that leads us to energy independence at a cost savings and less impact on the environment.  Everyone that takes the time to hear and comprehend the story their reaction is “why are we not doing this?”


Any ideas on what we should do next using CNG as a fuel in vehicles?

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