23 Aug 2014
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EmploymentGroup Names Winners of “5 in 5” Scholarship Program

EmploymentGroup Names Winners of “5 in 5” Scholarship Program

EmploymentGroup, a solutions-oriented staffing and outsourced services firm, today announced the winners of its “5 in 5” scholarship program.  The program will continue for five years marking the Company’s 55th anniversary as a leading regional provider of business staffing solutions, with a goal of equipping Michigan-based community college students with the skills and resources they need to succeed.


As part of the “5 in 5” program, each year three students are awarded scholarships totaling $5,000.  This year, students were encouraged to tie their essay submissions to EmploymentGroup’s mission of “helping people succeed,” explaining how their future plans include both their own professional growth while helping others succeed.


“The winners of our “5 in 5” program are extremely bright and dedicated students who have much to offer," said Mark Lancaster, CEO of EmploymentGroup. “Through this program, we are looking to attract and encourage talented people who share our commitment to helping people succeed and look forward to continuing the annual scholarship program as we celebrate 55 years of growth as a key partner to regional businesses.”


EmploymentGroup partnered with a number of leading community colleges in many of the West and Mid-Michigan markets the Company serves. Winners were selected based on essay submissions, teacher and community recommendations, and overall student academic achievement. 


The following students were selected as the winners of EmploymentGroup’s “5 in 5” scholarship contest:


  • First place winner ($3,000) – Gretchen Kohsmann, Kellogg Community College

“Time for Change”

I have spent the last twenty years making a difference in other people’s lives. I recently left a career of seventeen years to pursue a challenge I have always wanted to do. The decision to leave was tough, but necessary for my family and success in myself. I now show leadership and dedication to my family and others whom believe that this kind of change cannot happen at a late stage in life. I also volunteer with burn survivor children, this same move in my life shows them it can happen!!


  • Second place winner ($1,500) – Katherine Ingersoll, Grand Rapids Community College 

“Helping Others”

I have worked in healthcare in some capacity since the age of 19 and now at age 37, I cannot imagine a career in any other field. Due to shrinking budgets at hospitals, my career choice of 12 years is slowly being eliminated. I would appreciate and utilize this scholarship so that I may not only further my education but also to continue to care for patients and their families. Thank you for your time and consideration.


  • Third place winner ($500) – Joseph Martin, Grand Rapids Community College 

“Career Change”

Over the past 15 years I have worked in the manufacturing field. While this work helped me get a good start in life, my true passion was to receive my Bachelor’s Degree. Recently I have become a full time student after taking night classes for the last few years. My hope is to one day work for a large organization where I would be able to assist others with my Computer Information Systems degree.



About EmploymentGroup 

Founded in 1958, EmploymentGroup is a solutions-based business and managed services company, providing and delivering quality staffing solutions to allow its clients to focus on their core business functions.  With offices in Michigan, EmploymentGroup specializes in recruiting, training and placing measurably better permanent and temporary field associates, administrative, professional, technical and light industrial positions.  Through its EG Managed Services division, EmploymentGroup provides essential but non-strategic managed services, including mail and document management, archives, courier, shipping and receiving and custodial.  To find out more about EmploymentGroup, please visit www.employmentgroup.com, or to learn about EG Managed Services, visit www.egmanagedservices.com.

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