Jul 29, 2014
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Farmington Hills Eagle Scout Gets Hand-delivered Honor

State Rep. Vicki Barnett missed Michael Kach's Eagle ceremony, but still found a way to honor his accomplishment.

Farmington Hills Eagle Scout Gets Hand-delivered Honor Farmington Hills Eagle Scout Gets Hand-delivered Honor Farmington Hills Eagle Scout Gets Hand-delivered Honor

I can't always show up when people ask on short notice, but sometimes, the Calendar Stars align and a space opens up at just the right time.

On Friday morning, State Rep. Vicki Barnett's district representative Laura Zander emailed to let me know Barnett (D-37th District) would be at that afternoon to honor junior Michael Kach. Michael achieved the rank of Eagle Scout earlier this year, and Barnett planned to deliver a legislative tribute, right before he hit the field for marching band practice.

As it happens, Barnett is a big fan of Scouting; she spent two years as Pack Master of a Cub Scout Pack at . "There's a special place in my heart for Scouting, whether it's Boys Scouts or Girl Scouts," she said.

The Eagle designation isn't easily won, Michael told me. Scouts have to achieve 21 merit badges, serve at least 6 months in a high-ranking leadership position in the troop and complete a community service project. It's a big accomplishment, and Barnett said her office tries to fulfill every request for Eagle Scout tributes.

"When you get to the age these kids are, it's just really special that they're still involved," she said. "I think it's important to recognize what they do."

After I left the event, I thought this Eagle thing must be pretty rare. We've only profiled one other, , in our 11 months of existence.

Just to find out where Michael's troop met, I Googled Troop 179. I found out the troop meets at in Farmington Hills, and then, just for fun, I poked around the site a bit and came across a section of photos with a drop-down menu.

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time resisting a drop-down menu.

After clicking on it, I spotted a listing for Eagle Scouts and selected it. Turns out Troop 179 produced seven other Eagle Scouts this year: Eric Agar, Alexander T. Bibicoff, Colton Cross, Neil DeSouza, Paul Schneider, Jeff Stimetz and Steven Vorenberg. And since 1982, nearly 90 young men from the troop have earned the rank.

How cool is that?

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