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Farmington Resident Blogs About the Environment

Hugh McDiarmid, Jr.'s Mitten State speaks on behalf of Michigan's vast natural resources.

Farmington Resident Blogs About the Environment Farmington Resident Blogs About the Environment

Editor's Note: Farmington and Farmington Hills residents have taken to the Internet to share their thoughts on a variety of subjects. Meet the bloggers who call our community home.

Blogger: Hugh McDiarmid, Jr., Farmington

Blog: Mitten State

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because of the massive and unrelenting public demand for my personal opinion. No, seriously, I believe there need to be more voices speaking on behalf of Michigan's tremendous natural resources. They are the key to our grandchildren's futures, to our long-term health and economy, and to the quality of life so aptly framed by the Pure Michigan campaign.

2. Briefly, describe your blog. What do you write about? Are you making money with it?

I write about the politics and science of protecting Michigan's natural resources with a bit of sarcasm and irreverence thrown in from time to time. I try to keep much of it Michigan-focused. Also, I don't make a damn cent, but readers should feel free to send me money.

3. What's the strangest comment you've gotten on it?

Some fellow from the Upper Peninsula was angry over the global warming conspiracy that I'm apparently a part of. He suggested we ban farting, since it releases the greenhouse gas methane. I'm trying to find a bill sponsor in the legislature for that law. It will be very difficult to enforce.

4. What's been the biggest benefit of blogging?

Pointing out the ludicrous excess of of anti-environment idealogues who are constantly using fear, half-truths and self-serving "science" to stall progress on important public policy reforms necessary to move us into a cleaner, more prosperous future. The status quo hasn't worked too well for Michigan the last couple decades, but some powerful interests would like to keep us stuck there indefinitely.

5. What's the down side?

It's a significant investment of free time. And sometimes I wonder if anyone's listening.

6. Best post you've ever written.

The most fun I have is pointing out the tortured logic, lack of context, misleading "facts" and hypocrisy of anti-environmental idealogues like the Detroit News' editorial writers or talk show hosts like WJR's Frank Beckmann. I don't mind strong opinions contrary to my own and welcome vigorous debate. But neither democracy nor the environment is served when folks who should have some professional obligation to fairness and intellectual honesty are allowed to spew blatant falsehoods and vilify those who disagree with them as traitors, Communists or stooges. Here's one example: http://bit.ly/hpVbdN  And here's another: http://bit.ly/gO5Z9N

7. What's your best advice for someone who would like to start a blog? 

I haven't the slightest idea. Based on my readership analytics, I'm not the one to give counsel on that!

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