Jul 29, 2014
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Kidpreneur brings entrepreneurship education to tweens

Kidpreneur brings entrepreneurship education to tweens
Thanh Tran is of the belief that more people would pursue entrepreneurship the earlier they start making money with their own business. It’s why he's launching an entrepreneurial education company for tweens, called  Kidpreneur.

“We want them to be able to start that early,” Tran says. “That’s why we pick that niche of ages between eight and 13 years old.”

Kidpreneur’s 9-week classes will provide a start-up environment for young people at the offices of  Digital Roots in the historic  WaterWheel Centre in Northville. Students will learn the basics of building a business through new technology, such as building their own server for  Minecraft, a video game where users can placing blocks to build anything they imagine.

“We want to give them a place where they can build their business idea into a reality,” Tran says.

Tran, a serial tech entrepreneur, plans to keep the classes to about four students to one teacher. They will also be divided into skill levels, such as beginner, intermediate and expert. The company plans to start its first class on Sept. 21. It currently employs four people.

Source: Thanh Tran, founder of Kidpreneur
Writer: Jon Zemke


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