Jul 28, 2014

Metro Work Space Offers Co-Working in Downtown Farmington

Metro Work Space provides a membership-based co-working option in the Cook building.

Metro Work Space Offers Co-Working in Downtown Farmington
A new downtown Farmington business is bringing new meaning to the words "office space". 

Metro Work Space offers home-based workers and other professionals the amenities of having an office, at an affordable price, owner Todd Luhtanen said. Starting Feb. 1, members will be able to use the conference room, desks and office equipment being installed on the main floor of the Cook Building, 33316 Grand River. 

"It's a completely different way considering where you work," Luhtanen said, adding the space can be a good solution for people who work at home or any professional in need of space to meet with clients.

Metro Work Space already operates in Livonia, and Farmington members will be able to use that facility as well. Luhtanen said the company hopes to expand around the metro area. 

The business offers two membership levels, with the option at the higher level of having a dedicated desk and semi-private space. Members also benefit from being part of a community of professionals who network and share ideas, Luhtanen said. 

"Maybe you're not in the same industry," he said, "but you're in the same boat." 

The company chose downtown Farmington because the location isn't just a place to come and do business. 

"In Livonia, it's a destination space," Luhtanen said. "In Farmington, not only do we have that community inside the walls, but we have a community outside the walls as well." 

To learn more about Metro Work Space, call 248-919-3290 or visit metroworkspace.com. Luhtanen said a tour of the Farmington space can be arranged before it officially opens. 

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