Jul 28, 2014

The Dad Gift Guide: What He Wants for the Holidays

Dad and pro golfer Scott Millman shares his top picks from local stores.

It's often been said that women are much easier to shop for than men, when it comes to picking out presents.

Is this really true, though? 

Not so, according to  Scott Millman.

The Farmington Hills father of three daughters hangs around with other dads on a consistent basis, so you might say that Millman knows a thing or two about what dads might be looking for this season.

Millman also has more than 20 years experience as a golfer. Besides leading the U.S. against Ontario in the prestigious Kelly Cup matches last year, Millman has made his way around the area, teaching lessons at the  Oasis Golf Center in Plymouth and  Swingtek in Troy. As coach, he helped lead the  junior varsity soccer team to their first ever winning season and division title several years ago.

Though he might be busy, Millman took some time out of his schedule to sift through the items at some local stores in his hometown and talk about what dads are really looking for this holiday season.

All of the items below can be found at  and .

For the Golfing Dad:

  • Golf Balls - Titleist, Callaway, Noodle, Top Flight: $15-$30
  • Putting Greens for Home: $25
  • Tees (make great stocking stuffers): $5-$7
  • Towels: $7.99
  • Chipping Net: $17
  • Tiger Woods' PGA Tour 2012 Video Game: $29.99
  • Golf Head Covers (in a variety of animals, logos and more): $20

Millman strongly advises against purchasing golf clubs as a surprise gift, since proper fit and sizing are not ensured.

For the Leisure Dad:

  • iPad 2: $499-$699
  • iSwing and V1 software hands-on, swing-analyst apps for iPad: $4.99
  • High Definition TV (1020 Hz refresh rate): wide price range
  • Video Games – Call of Duty, Just Dance and Mario Kart  (to play with kids) - $29.99-$49.9
  • Moisture-wicking shirts: $20
  • Digital Cameras: wide price range

“What I always look for in a camera is a good one which will shoot high definition video and the fastest shutter speed that you can get (1000 frames per second),” said Millman. “Stand alone cameras are also very good; they’re like mini camcorders and can be used for shooting quick videos especially during family time.”

For the "Average Joe" Dad:

  • Sports Jerseys: $20 and up

“I would pick out shirts with players' names on the back that you know are going to be around next year, like Matthew Stafford from the Lions and Justin Verlander from the Tigers,” said Millman. “Old timer sweatshirts like the Original Six and hall of famers’ names are good, too.”

  • Teeter Hang-Ups Inversion Table: $299

"I would recommend this to anyone who has back problems, it was the best thing that I've ever done for my back," Millman said.

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