Jul 29, 2014
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Art, Music, Stories, Pictures: Our Recap of the Fair-Filled Weekend

We're not sure how you could have but, if you did, here's a recap of what we did and what went down this weekend in Ferndale.

Just as quickly as this fair-packed weekend came, it went.

Judging by the crowds, you were there... but just in case you weren't, we've corralled all of our coverage and galleries into one easy to find and click spot.

So, if you want to read about the , or how the or maybe you just want to looked at the photo galleries we put together (and pictures of the ), this is the place to be.

And don't forget to check out our super-unscientific poll at the bottom of this article.

Photo galleries from the DIY Street Fair and the Funky Ferndale Art Fair

  • Friday kicked off the DIY Street Fair and the Funky Ferndale Art Fair with vendors and food and bands. The highlight, for some, may have been the reuniting of the '90s band Charm Farm. For others, it may have been the fact that ICP showed up to do a song with their old friends Charm Farm. View Friday's gallery here.
  • Saturday began with Ferndale Patch editor Terry Parris Jr. in a dunk tank, raising money for the Ferndale Public Schools. It ended with a show by the always-entertaining Electric Six. View Saturday's gallery here.
  • Sunday was the last day of the DIY Street Fair and the Funky Ferndale Art Fair was a nice day, a lot of people and a busy, busy, busy Ferndale. View Sunday's gallery .

More than 50 musical acts and we were there

Local music enthusiast Connor Valone hung around the stage for nearly every band. Below is what he saw and had to say.

  • : From Phantasmagoria to ICP, Ferndale Patch saw it all.
  • : Electric Six closed the night, Child Bite lost its mind and Canada-based Hey Rosetta! brought some fans from our friendly neighbors to the north for Saturday's DIY Street Fair festivities.
  • Sunday: The last night of the DIY Street Fair this year brought cool temperatures, clear skies and great music. Groups like the Bars of Gold, Prussia and the Barrettes (a ladies barbershop quartette) blew the minds of those lucky enough to be within earshot of the stage.

Stories from the weekend

  • : Coordinators discuss what it takes to plan the city's treasured culture fair and what it means to them.
  • : Annual art show expecting big crowds this weekend. And Heidelberg Project creator Tyree Guyton will be on hand to sign his new children's book.
  • : Sean Sommer will perform three times during the DIY Street Fair, drumming for the band Destroy This Place, and performing with the musicians Ryan Allen and Allen James.
  • : There's a unique food philosophy on Ferndale's DIY Street Fair menu.
  • : Ferndale Patch blogger Hailey Zureich pens a poem for the DIY Street Fair.

The Band Next Door, DIY Street Fair Editions

  • : Ferndale's edgy pop quartet utilizes crafty hooks to form an audible version of artwork.

Photo Gallery

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