Jul 30, 2014
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Raw Foodie Announces 7 NEW Flavors of Kale Chips

Raw Foodie Announces 7 NEW Flavors of Kale Chips


Hey there, Raw Foodie fans!  We're so excited to tell you about our big announcement!

We've been working on delicious, new flavors of our Crunchy Kale Chips and we're pleased to announce that they're NOW available to you!

Here's a list of our Raw Foodie brand Crunchy Kale Chips:

*  Nacho Cheeze - a savory, Southwest favorite - without the cheese.

*  Cheezy Chipotle  - Rich, smokey flavor without the cheese.

*  Dill and Onion - Our homestyle creamy dill and onion - without the dairy!

*  Garden Ranch -  Garden fresh herbs fill this ranch style chip.

*  Garlic Alfredo - A taste of Italy in every bite!

*  Asian Sesame  - Sweet and sour with a dash of ginger and spice.  Has a nice kick to it.

*  Homestyle Pizza - Rich with garlic, onion and Italian herbs.  Mix with Garlic Alfredo for a true delight!

*  Blue Lagoon - A sweet blend of mango, pineapple and spirulina.   

*  Mango Habanero - A spicy, hot, tropical blend of mango and hot peppers.

*  Tropical Mango - A cool, refreshing blend of mango and banana.


Come and try our new, Raw Foodie brand Crunchy Kale Chips tomorrow at the Royal Oak Farmers' Market from 7 - 1 p.m..  We'd love to hear what you think!

Although the market is a good size and our location isn't permanent, if you turn to the LEFT (not the right) when you enter from the main parking lot (East entrance), you will find us about 30 feet south (left) from the East entrance door. 

Remember, all of our kale chips are ALL gluten-free, dairy-free (yes, even if it says 'cheezy', 'creamy' etc. in the name), soy-free, with no sugar added.  All made with garden-fresh produce, savory herbs and spices. 


Can't wait to see you!!

You can find out more about us at Facebook.com/RawFoodieSuperfoods

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