Jul 28, 2014
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Connor Grabowski: Not Kidnapped, I'm Free

New You Tube video shows 11-year-old boy telling viewers he wanted to start a new life.

The 11-year-old son of Mark Grabowski is seen in a recent You Tube video telling viewers that he wasn't kidnapped by his father, rather he left on his own free will.

"I was just gonna make this video to tell the news people and whatever that I'm fine, I was not kidnapped," Connor said to the camera. "I came on my own will."

Mark Grabowski, a former Detroit Lions defensive lineman, is now wanted by police. A warrant has been issued for his .

The 11-year old goes on to give details regarding his apparent version of events during the 2:38 minute clip.

On the public Facebook page Help Us Find Connor Grabowski-Cracchiolo, Nate Temby, the brother of Connor's mother, Kelly Evans, says that Connor is "not being himself" in the video.

"If you choose to watch the video, please watch his eyes, his awkward pauses, and his tone," Temby wrote on the Facebook page. "You can make your own deductions. He needs to be back with his mother. Please pray for his safety and the continued efforts to bring him home."

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