Jul 26, 2014
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Donations are Helping Patch Fight Hunger in Hartland

You've purchased and donated $1,304 worth of groceries to Gleaners Community Food Bank, putting us closer to our goal of raising $10,000 to help feed the area's hungry families.

Donations are Helping Patch Fight Hunger in Hartland

Thanks to your generous donations, we've raised $1,304 towards our goal of $10,000 to feed families in your area through our online food drive. This virtual food drive runs through Saturday, Nov. 17, and is the first for the Gleaners Community Food Bank. The 30 Michigan Patch sites are proud and honored to be their first partner.

Shop Gleaners' virtual grocery shelves.  Click to get started!

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Please click the shopping link above and select items from the virtual grocery shelves. When you check out, be sure to select a Patch from the drop down menu to ensure your donation is designated for that community.

Thanks for your donations and support.

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