Jul 29, 2014
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Kidpreneur Weekend Workshops

Kidpreneur Weekend Workshops
Looking for some fun and educational activities for your tweens aged 9-13. Kidpreneur is offering cool workshops this weekend starting Friday evening including Minecraft Server Build, Video Production and Web Design workshops. For more information, read below or click  HERE.

Web Design Workshop

The Web Design Workshop will teach your child to be creative using Wix technology to create professional looking websites. Kids will learn how to create a website, add picture, videos, contact, secure logins and more. The workshop will be available in our Northville Center at 9AM-11AM and Detroit Center at 10AM-12PM.

Movie Maker Workshop

The Movie Making Workshop will teach your child to be creative using Microsoft MovieMaker to create a video/movie that can be shared with anyone on email, Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo. Kids will learn how to add photos, video clips, audio & music, transitions and more. The workshop will be available at our Detroit and Northville Centers.

Minecraft Server Workshops (Detroit Center)

This is a 3-part Minecraft Series where kids will learn how to build, maintain and update their own Minecraft server. Workshop I (Friday, 1/24) will focus on building a server by installing a GUI and configuring port forwarding on modem. Workshop II (Friday, 1/31) will focus on administrator/OP commands like white list, banning users, giving items and more. Workshop III (Friday, 2/7) will focus on updating the server and adding important plugins. 

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