Jul 26, 2014

Happy Dog Day: Show Off Your Pup

National Dog Day was Sunday. What will you do to celebrate man's best friend?

There's a day for everything, it seems, and this one is for the one who jogged in front of you this morning or is sitting on your lap right now as you read this.

Sunday marked  National Dog Day. That's the day animal advocate Colleen Paige has designated for honoring all those dogs who bring in the paper, and all those dogs who are neglected.

Not to be confused with National Mutt Day (Dec. 2), National Puppy Day (March 23) or National Pet Day (April 11), each of the 19 national and international pet days founded by Paige are all designed with one thing in mind: to draw attention to the need for pet rescue.

Paige, author, pet behaviorist and self proclaimed "pet celebrity lifestyle expert" founded the Animal Miracle Foundation and Network (AMFN), a nonprofit Christian faith based charity, in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Since 2004 Paige says that National Dog Day has rescued 100,000 dogs and has now spread its efforts worldwide.

"We will never meet a human who will love us without condition, without expectation, without someone, at some point, disappointing us, breaking our heart..." Paige said, "Dogs will never do this to us. They are steadfast.... and short, fat, tall, skinny, any race, any religion, there is no discrimination - we are perfect in their eyes. They deserve so much more than they get."

Paige dubbed the holiday a K-9 Fourth of July and asks pet lovers to celebrate by adopting a shelter dog, helping an ill or elderly neighbor by walking their dog, or with a $5 donation to a local shelter. But that's just three of National Dog Day's 50 Ways to Celebrate.

While National Dog Day was officially observed Sunday, we're keeping the celebration going this week.

Tell us about your dog and how you spoiled your favorite pooch on National Dog Day, and then post your photos to Plymouth-Canton Patch by clicking on the green "Upload Photos and Videos" icon.

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