Jul 28, 2014
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Plymouth VFW Thanks All Who Attended Fish Fry Fridays

I had the pleasure of attending the last Fish Fry of the season hosted by the Plymouth VFW Post 6695 on Friday evening. I was lucky enough to attend with a very dear friend named Helen Bergman. She is a longtime Plymouth resident, and her late husband served our nation in Korea.

It's funny because it has been awhile since Helen has been to the Fish Fry, but she remembered a certain pineapple cake made by Shirley Caldwell. Unfortunately for Helen, there was no Pineapple Cake left, but that didn't deter her from grabbing some other equally delicious goodies from the “Buck A Pop” table.

Helen had the Cod, and I had the Canadian Walleye, and we both loved our dinners. Digger and the Crew always rock the Cod, and Gene Spurgess & John Iaquinta absolutely knocked the Walleye out of the park!

I was fortunate enough to be able to walk around, and snap some pics of all of the folks that make these dinners possible, and make no mistake, this is a monumental effort. These folks averaged 279 dinners a night for the duration of these events, and it is not only Cod and Walleye, but baked fish, chicken, shrimp, and all the side dishes as well.

These are not professional cooks, and they do not hire help, but with the quality of the food, you would never know it.. These are VFW members kicking in a lot of hours to ensure that everyone has a great dinner, and a good time.

I have to admit that this is the first year that I have attended these weekly events, and I am still kicking myself for not figuring out that this is the place to eat during Lent. The good news, is that not only is there next year for Fish Fry Fridays, but Steak Dinner nights are on the horizon. Yes, Steak dinners.

Anyway, the fellow who coordinates the Fish Fry, just wanted to thank everyone who showed up for dinner these past Friday nights, and mention that it was one of the best seasons ever. He also wanted to tell all of the many folks who volunteer their time to make this happen, thank you as well.

Personally, I would like to thank all of the folks who made myself and Rochelle, as well as my parents feel so very welcome. Like I have said many times, if you want to meet the nicest folks in the world, go to a dinner at the VFW Post.

Please take a minute to have a look at some of the many people that make these events possible. They're not professionals, but you couldn't tell that by the quality of the food or the service...

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