While it's no stretch to say that I enjoy shopping, Black Friday leaves me cold.

Perhaps it's because I've never had that euphoric rush of a great bargain had.

Truth be told, with a tummy full of turkey I prefer my jammies and slippers to the mad rush for a flat-screen television, no matter what the price.

I did try it once, years ago. But quantities were limited and when I realized the item I wanted was gone, I took one look at the crazy crush around me, turned around and went back home to bed.

But enough about me. What about you, dear readers?

Patch asked, you answered

Black Friday is a big deal and it gets bigger every year, even spilling into Thanksgiving night. (Stores that will be open on Thursday in Rochester Hills include , and .)

Someone must go. Is it you? These Patch readers chimed in with their best Black Friday bargains on our Facebook wall:

  • Ann-Marie Grant- McCardell: "I got a $300 scrapbooking tool for $75 and I didn't even have to get up early to get it."
  • Jaime Klann-Compton: "My down comforter was $120 and I paid $10 at Macys. I didn't fight for it but it was hidden."
  • Kathie Noonan: "Years back some lady wanted to fight with me over a DVD player in my cart at 4:00 a.m. I had it - she wanted it!!!" 

On the other hand

As Black Friday bleeds into Thursday, some shoppers seem to have had enough. These Patch readers responded to our question asking who would shop on Thanksgiving:

  • Renee Smith: "I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving day. I think the whole thing is ridiculous. What happened to actually celebrating the holidays and being thankful for what we already have in our lives?" 
  • Heather Spence Koziarz: "It is nuts that places are opening so early. I refuse to submit to the Black Friday madness. My time is much more valuable than saving $20 on a silly toy."
  • Rachel Beck: "It really makes me sad for the workers who will not be able to celebrate the holiday. I will not shop just out of principal."

For those holding out until Friday, here are the stores that will open at midnight: , , and . 

Small Business Saturday

When you catch your second wind, don't forget about Small Business Saturday. For the second year, American Express is sponsoring Small Business Saturday and asking shoppers to "shop small" in support of their local economy.

To get your Saturday started, click on these links to my ongoing Top 10 gift idea series with , and .

And no matter where your holiday plans take you — to the mall, to downtown or to your favorite down comforter — I hope it's a great one! Happy Thanksgiving!



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