Jul 28, 2014
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Meet the New Sign (Same as the Old Sign)

One year later a familiar sign hangs in front of one downtown Rochester shop.

Meet the New Sign (Same as the Old Sign)

People get very excited when they see the sign in front of Cristina's Quilt Shoppe on Second Street.

"They come in and say, 'You got your sign back!'" shop owner Cristina Riha explained. "But unfortunately that's not the case."

"Once in a blue moon"

It was a year ago on Devil's Night when someone stole the original Cristina's Quilt Shoppe sign.

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"Bless the people and the police," Riha said, "They were checking dumpsters and ditches, trying to find my sign."

But after six months without a sign— or even a sign of the sign— Riha had a new one made. 

"The bright pink sign was so recognizable that when people didn't see it they thought we had closed," Riha said. "Marketing is everything."

Fortunately the sign maker still had her original template and the new sign is an exact dupicate of the original— which makes it very easy for people to get excited.

"Once in a blue moon human nature will prevail, but not time," Riha said.

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