Jul 29, 2014
Partly Cloudy

More Snow Expected Today, Tuesday in Rochester

Let it snow: Another 2-3 inches expected by Tuesday.

More Snow Expected Today, Tuesday in Rochester
As if this weekend's helping of Old Man Winter wasn't enough, more snow is on the way in the Rochester area.

According to weather.com, another 1-2 inches is expected Monday with another inch projected for Tuesday.

This weekend's snowfall wreaked havoc on drivers throughout Oakland County, with Sheriff's officials noting 76 property damage accidents in a 24-hour period between early Saturday and Sunday. The accidents included one hit-and-run, 12 accidents causing injuries including a snowmobile-tree accident in Orion Township and 64 instances of cars running off the road or into ditches. An additional 10 calls were made to address road hazard complaints and 18 calls were made to assist motorists thwarted by the snowy conditions. 

Those hoping the recent snowfall bodes well for a white Christmas can keep their fingers crossed but shouldn't get their hopes up just yet. Friday's forecast calls for temps up to 40 degrees with rain. Temps otherwise are expected to hover around the freezing point throughout the week, with Monday dropping as low as 20 degrees, Tuesday at 30, Wednesday at 28 and Thursday at 36.

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