23 Aug 2014
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A-Twitter in NOLA

ROHS Interact selects some of its Tweets and instant messages to catch you up on our work!

A-Twitter in NOLA A-Twitter in NOLA

The past two days in NOLA have been fast and hard: long work days trying to tear down three houses on schedule, bus breakdowns, and surprise meetings with residents here.  And while we haven’t had time to sit and reflect like we might, we’ve been tweeting and instant-messaging each other.  Here are some selections from our group in the past 24 hours:

·         Loved visiting the Lower 9th Ward and the museum there. I learned so much about Katrina, and the stories made me thankful.

·         I’m happy to see people coming together to make a difference.  No good deed goes unnoticed.

·         I love working hard and feeling tired at the end of the day.

·         My relationships budded and I talked to people I never thought I would have talked to. I have enjoyed the work we’ve done!

·         My favorite part was probably taking down all of the walls with sledgehammers and “coming in like wrecking balls.” My friends and I made fun out of it.

·         I will definitely do this again!

·         Looking back at all that we’ve done is so rewarding. The progress and accomplishments really are unreal. Me and the roof crew busted it out and jammed to music.

·         With all the yard cleanup, I realized that plants could take over the world.

·         (Part 1) Attempting to take out the bathtub, Ashlee and I discovered a rather large insect scurrying out from behind the insulation. We obviously began screaming . . . .

·         (Part 2) Ashlee grabbed the nearest pry bar and began smashing the thing. Swing and a miss… We worked the rest of the day outside.

·         I’ve learned that doing unthinkable things, such as moving cinder blocks for hours on end, can contribute to savings the victims of Isaac thousands of dollars. That feels very good.

·         I had the opportunity to work with a lot of underclassmen this week, and it’s nice to see so many people of varying ages getting involved.

·         Being on the roof and tearing down tar sheets with everyone singing country music. The environments was like nothing else, and it was just awesome!

·         As senior year goes by and I reflect on what I’ve chosen to do in high school, I’ve realized that going on 4 alternative break trips is near the top of my best decisions.

·         “Art thou feeling it now, Mr Crabs?”  Site 1 slogan while destroying the house.

·         We’re all determined to get this house down by tomorrow!  J

·         This is my first time on this trip. I was really worried before coming alone and not knowing anyone. But I’ve done pretty well. I definitely love this experience and I’m planning on returning next year and many years after.

·         This experience is life-changing. It makes you appreciate everything we have even more now. This is my third time on this trip and it gets better and better every year.

·         This trip is very fun and even more fun with my sister!  I am having a great time teasing her and working on sites with her. I’m definitely coming next year!

·         Washing dishes with senior boys is an interesting experience.

·         A lion does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

·         You need to take time out of your life to help others because they can’t always do it themselves.  It’s not all about you.

I will add more in the coming days.  And now, to breakfast before our last work day!

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