Jul 28, 2014
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A-Twitter in NOLA Part 2

Part 2 of the Interact trip messages and mini-reflections on NOLA.

A-Twitter in NOLA Part 2 A-Twitter in NOLA Part 2

Here is a continuation of the texts and tweets sent during the last half of our experience!  We may include one or two additional posts with extended reflections from students.  The group of 70 students returned safely to Royal Oak Saturday night.  

·         Everyone on site works so well together and we have gotten so much done despite the issues with the buses and lack of tools. We’re all determined to get this house down by tomorrow!  J

·         My favorite part of the trip has been tearing down the roof! It was a lot of fun and everyone was working together and determined to take it down.

·         The night in NOLA was unforgettable; the energy and enthusiasm combined with good food and company made an amazing night!

·         It’s really been great getting to know more people at our school and growing closer through such a great cause. This is the first trip where I’ve really started to grasp how much of a difference we’re making for everyone here.

·         We took a sledge and smashed the cabinets and wood in the kitchen, clearing it all on our own, which was impressive. Also it was probably one of the most fun projects we’ve done!

·         Surreal finding pictures of how the house used to look, in contrast to how it is now.

·         On Tuesday I went on the roof with Alan and AJ and we tore tar paper off then ripped the wooden planking down and it got so hot. Now I have a heck of a sunburn but it’s okay because the roof was fun!

·         The teamwork my friends and I had to use really helped bring us together on and off the workplace.

·         I’m just glad I could come down here for a fourth time and help make a difference. It’s a feeling like no other.

·         I have enjoyed all of the trip. Working on the roof with my fellow classmates has been the best!

·         Out of all the hornet nests we knocked down, thankfully nobody hot stung!

·         I’ve had a lot of fun on this trip. Hanging out with my friends and just doing work that is giving back to a community that has been through a lot. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t go on any of the other trips during my four years of high school.

·         Today is the first work day that I haven’t gotten bit by ants, thank the Lord!

·         I think I went through 6 pounds of Gummy worms.

This has given me new perspective on life as a whole

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