Jul 28, 2014
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Bigalora Wood Fired Cucina: Fresh, Loca, Better

Authentic southern Italian restaurant delivers truly chemical-free cuisine.

Bigalora Wood Fired Cucina: Fresh, Loca, Better

Upon recent announcements of a major national sandwich chain removing somechemicals from their dough, Bigalora Wood Fired Cucina (with locations in Ann Arbor; Royal Oak; and Southfield, Michigan) reminds restaurant-goers that Bigalora’s dough is always 100% chemical free.

“Whether chemicals are FDA approved or not, we simply say ‘No’ at Bigalora,” says Chef and Founder, Luciano DelSignore. “The difference is our yeast – it’s non-commercial. We use no butter, refined sugar, hormones, or antibiotics in any of our cuisine. Our food philosophy is simplicity – great flavors and light, healthy fare without anything unnecessary.”  

With locations in Royal Oak, Southfield, and the just-debuted Ann Arbor spot, Chef Luciano DelSignore continues to change the way that people are thinking about, and eating, pizza and Italian cuisine in the Detroit area and beyond. Developed from his desire to bring traditional, high quality Neapolitan pizza to his hometown of Southfield, the natural fermentation in the dough is what brings both taste and health benefits to the pies they serve. These include: probiotic, locally focused, slow food, sugarless, better taste, and better chew. A hallmark of a perfectly cooked pizza Napoletana is the charring on the crust. A purposeful preparation, the pizzas are cooked in Bigalora’s signature wood burning ovens at 900 degrees. The result: a delicious pizza that most say is an impossible feat without the use of harsh chemicals and other ingredients you will not find in Chef Luciano’s kitchen.

To learn more about the Bigalora difference, visit http://bigalora.com/the-biga-difference/what-is-biga/. Guests can also learn more by following Bigalora on Facebook and Twitter, or visiting the website at Bigalora.com.

Source: Bigalora


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