23 Aug 2014
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Royal Oak Earth Rinks Make 'Cool' Hangouts for Skaters

The recent cold, dry weather proves to be valuable in the creation of two outdoor ice rinks.

Royal Oak Earth Rinks Make 'Cool' Hangouts for Skaters Royal Oak Earth Rinks Make 'Cool' Hangouts for Skaters
It's time to lace up those skates, Royal Oak. Outdoor ice rinks are open for business at  Grant Park and  Meininger Park.

The city's two earth rinks were made with donated time and equipment from Royal Oak's Department of  Public Service (DPS).

How an earth rink is made

Depressions for three earth rinks were put into place in city parks decades ago, according to Lee Collick, who works for the DPS. To whip them into skateable ice rinks, the ground must first be saturated with water. Once the ground is a solid base, layer after later of water is added to build up the ice.

This winter season's bitter cold temps may not be ideal for many of us but for Collick the weather is perfect. Cold, dry weather is his friend. Snow is the enemy.

Collick has access to DPS snowblowers, backhoes and front-end loaders.

"I am very fortunate to have access to the tools I need," Collick said.

The ice rinks have been very popular with local skaters and hockey teams, which makes the life-long Royal Oak resident and father of three happy.

"I used the rinks when I was a kid and now I bring my own children there," he said.

As a reminder, all time and equipment is donated, so please respect the rinks and be sure to not leave any trash behind.

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