Jul 28, 2014

Marl for Mayor?

City council member Brian Marl has announced he is running for Mayor of Saline.

Marl for Mayor?

Brian Marl is running for Mayor of .

The life-long Saline-area resident and second-term city council member announced his intentions to run for the city's top post in the November elections.

Marl, elected to council in 2008, said he's had mayoral aspirations for many years. His plan was to serve on city council for six-eight years before running for the city's top elected post but over the last few months, he realized that the time was now.

"If you had asked me three or four months ago if I was going to run for mayor, I wouldn't have bet a shiny new dime on it," Marl said.

When Mayor Gretchen Driskell announced she was exploring a run for state office, Marl began thinking about running for mayor. He had conversations with more than 20 people about the run.

"We discussed their focus for Saline in the coming years and whether they believed I was the right person. They were supportive and gracious," Marl said. "I feel that now is the right time, based on the feedback I received from those people whose opinions I respect and admire."

Marl is in the race regardless of the outcome of Driskell's decision to run for the seat currently occupied Republican State Rep. Mark Ouimet.

"I am not running in opposition to anyone. I am running because I think the time is right and I have a real passion and energy for public service," said Marl, a 27-year-old who works as a legislative aid for State Rep. Jeff Irwin, D-Ann Arbor.

Marl said his support extends beyond party lines, noting the endorsements he's received from Republicans, Democratics and independents.

"I'm made no bones about that fact that I am a member of the Democratic Party. But I am a pretty pragmatic and independent person and there are a whole host of issues where I go my own way from the Democratic Party," said Marl.

City positions are elected in a non-partisan fashion.

In his press release, Marl included the endorsement of many local leaders and small business owners.

“Brian is one of the most committed, energetic public servants I have ever had the pleasure of working with,” said former Saline Chief of Police Paul Bunten. “He understands how vital public safety is to our community, and I am 100% confident in his ability to lead our city.”

Maureen White-Goeman, Saline resident and owner of Maureen’s Designs, also commended Marl.

“Brian has always taken care to listen to my concerns as a small business owner, and he is someone who thinks strategically about how our area can encourage and cultivate economic development,” she said.

Republican County Commissioner and Saline resident Alicia Ping shared her support.

“Brian has lived in the Saline area his entire life, and he understands the community’s strengths, and its challenges. He has a passion for public service,” Ping said, “but even more importantly, he is dedicated to the citizens he serves.”

Marl is active in a number of organizations and public boards in the Saline community, serving as member of the Saline Area Schools Historic Preservation Foundation, the Board of Directors for Evangelical Homes of Michigan, the Saline Area Senior Center Executive Board, and is Congregational President of St. Paul United Church of Christ in Saline. Marl is a Saline Area Schools graduate, and has worked as a legislative aide to the Michigan House of Representatives beginning in 2005.

In his release, Marl promised an active campaign.

“During the 2008 and 2010 campaigns, my volunteers and I enjoyed visiting every single home in Saline,” said Marl. “I look forward to visiting with all of my neighbors again this year, hearing their thoughts and perspectives about how we can work together to make Saline a better place to live, work, and play.”

To learn more about Marl and read his open letter to Saline residents, visit www.brianmarl.com, email him at briandmarl@gmail.com, or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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