Jul 28, 2014
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Nominate "The Best of Saline" Today

Nominations are about to close. Make sure your favorite makes the ballot!

Nominate "The Best of Saline" Today

Who do you think is the "best" of Saline?

Saline Patch will soon close nominations and set the ballots in our Readers' Choice Series, so make your nominations today.

We've got plenty of nominations in some categories.  and click on any link to leave a nomination in the comments section. 

But we have a few categories still looking for our first:

Do you know someone who dominates the diamond in softball? Someone who rules the court in sand volleyball field? Maybe you know someone who just seems to be able to do well in whatever sport they are playing. 

Which local company does the best job keeping your lawn looking in top-top shape, even during a drought?




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