21 Aug 2014
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Candidate Profile: Joseph Bogdan

Get to know this candidate for state representative before casting your vote.

Candidate Profile: Joseph Bogdan

Sterling Heights resident Joseph Bogdan, 25, is running for state representative. This is his first run at political office. He works as a quality inspector/CMM programmer. 

1) What led you to try for the post of state representative initially?

No one else had filed for it! 

2) If elected, what issues would you like to focus on?

1. Fix the economy. The problem is that foreign firms cheat their workers and then undercut American producers. The real fix is at the federal level, but Michigan still has options. I would propose eliminating the state income tax and raising the funds through the state sales tax (noreal change in tax revenue). Michigan exports would then be subject to fewer taxes while foreign imports would be subject to more. To avoid problems for low-income families, the minimum wage would be increased and tied to inflation.

2. Create a work program to replace welfare and unemployment benefits, ending unemployment as we know it. This will also eliminate one of the motivators for crime and thereby eliminate the excuse that it is"necessary" for some people's survival. More information is on my website.

3. Educate voters/campaign conscientiously. On my website http://www.josephbogdan.com you can find links to the other candidates’ websites and voters’ guides. I’ve promised to not use campaign signs, robo-calls, television ads, or other disruptive/annoying strategies for my campaign.

3) What personal and professional accomplishments are you most proud of?

There are many things I have done in my life, but I am very proud that my efforts in college have paid off and that I should have a GPA of 4.0 when I graduate.

4) Is there one person who has been the most influential in your life?

Maybe so, but I usually mention more than one person who has been influential in my life. Who? The quotations in Stephen Covey's Franklin-Covey planners were a source of inspiration to me when I was ateenager; even if I sometimes disagreed with the quotations, they made me think! Ron Paul was also an influence; although he is wrong on a number of things, his way of thinking outside the box and using reason made me reassess my own political beliefs.

5) What are key ways you would have residents make a difference locally?

I do not live in Shelby Twp., but here in Sterling Heights the city has volunteer programs for those who are interested. Sterling Heights residents can go to http://www.sterling-heights.net and then select "Volunteer Opportunities" on the left navigation bar to see the many activities in which they can participate.

6) What do you like most about Shelby Township? Do you have a favorite spot in town? River Bends Park.

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