Jul 30, 2014
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“Dear Santa: We Used To Have a House, But We Don’t Now...”

Macomb Charitable Foundation shares Santa letters from homeless children, asks for support.

“Dear Santa: We Used To Have a House, But We Don’t Now...” “Dear Santa: We Used To Have a House, But We Don’t Now...”

While many kids hold out for the new WiiU or perhaps an iPad, one Macomb County child, named Keyana, is hoping for a bed. Keyana is homeless and living in a hotel room with her five siblings and mother. Although she says she’s thankful for her one-room “house,” what she really wants for her Christmas is her own bed.

Keyana is one of many children receiving help from the Macomb Charitable Foundation. President Shelly Penzien shared Keyana’s letter to Santa, as well as one from another children with Patch.com. 

Penzien said the Macomb Charitable Foundation is looking for support this Christmas in one of four ways: 

  1. Support their efforts by making a donation. MCF relies on your support to fund their efforts. They an all volunteer organization, meaning that every penny you give is used to help a child in need.
  2. Consider sponsoring or adopting a family or single child. Most of their children have already been "adopted" by a sponsor. However, they do have some last minute families who are in need. Contact Penzien via email if you are interested in supplying a Christmas for a child or family.
  3. If your co-workers or family members are looking to help a charity instead of exchanging gifts, please remember Macomb Charitable. They appreciate gift cards that can be used to buy clothing, shoes, haircut certificates, and more.    
  4. Penzien said: “Pray for us.  Pray that we make wise decisions regarding the gifts we receive and how best to use them to make a difference in the life of a child.”

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