Jul 29, 2014
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Dress Up Your Pet Day: Share Your Furry Photos

Share photos of your furry friends sporting their best attire with your neighbors here on Patch.

Dress Up Your Pet Day: Share Your Furry Photos

This article was written by Eric Goodman.

If you think you have the cutest pooch, cat, or any other pet on the block, now is your time to prove it.

Tuesday is National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Share your pets' photos on  Shelby-Utica Patch's photo blog. Click the link and, at the top of the page, click in the "Write a new post" box and you'll be on your way to uploading your photos. If you'd like, let us know who is in the photo and any other pertinent details you'd like to share.

The photo will be posted immediately to our homepage for everyone to see. You'll also have the option to share your photos on Facebook as you post on Patch. 

According to the  National Dress Up Your Pet Day website, National Dress Up Your Pet Day was founded in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist,  Colleen Paige , and sponsored by the  Animal Miracle Network as a fun way to celebrate our beloved pets and to support the pet fashion community.

“Have fun with your pets by dressing them in cute outfits and safe costumes - but keep your pet's comfort level in mind when involving him/her in this fun novelty day,” said Paige. “Make sure that your pet can see and hear properly and that they aren't wearing something that might overheat them or incorporate any parts that they may chew off and swallow.”

“You may also want to include more treats and toys into your activities to make it a truly enjoyable experience for your beloved furry ones,” she added.

What clothing are you putting on your pet Tuesday? Share your photos (see instructions above) and leave a comment below. 

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