Jul 30, 2014
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Primary Elections Heat Up in Shelby Township

Voters take to the polls in Shelby Township to cast their vote. Some looking for change in the local and national political arena, some hoping their vote will keep incumbent politicians in place.

Primary election day in Shelby Township Tuesday mimicked the weather. It started cool with a slow turnout when polls opened at 7 a.m. and heated up slowly. By noon, temperatures sweltered to the mid-80s and the atmosphere at precinct 23 and 24 swelled to the point that a between a candidate, her husband, the wife of another candidate, and a political blogger.

Patch.com captured the altercation, involving current Trustee and candidate for Treasurer Lisa Manzella, her husband, Joe, Jean Leman, the wife of candidate for Supervisor Bob Leman and local political blogger Matt Guarnieri.

To Change or Not to Change? That is the Question:

Back at the polls, by noon, more than 167 voters had filed past more than a dozen candidates and their supporters standing outside, to cast their vote for national, state and local races.  Here's a look at the races on the ballot in.

Shelby Township resident Will Miller told Patch before entering the polls that he was going to vote Republican, but he was going to vote for some new faces for the Shelby Township Board of Trustees.

"I think if they've been there for a while, I will not vote for them. I would like a change," said the retired Ford employee.

However, change is not a welcome notion for Shelby Township resident Kim Daniels.

"We (Daniels and her husband) voted for the ones (candidates) in there now because we think Shelby Township is booming," she said. "I am so glad we moved here 13 years ago."

Voters have until 8 p.m. to cast their vote.

Stay with Patch.com for race results tonight.

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