23 Aug 2014
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Recipe Swap: How Do You Eat Avocado?

Avocado is said to be a super fruit, but what is the best way to eat it? We asked Patch readers to share their recipes and boy, did they ever. From avocado chocolate milkshakes, to BLAT sandwiches, these are recipes worth a try.

Recipe Swap: How Do You Eat Avocado?

Introducing Macomb Patch's first installment of Recipe Swap, a new series devoted to America's favorite pastime – eating.

Like many of you, I adore food and love to try new recipes. But I can only watch the Food Network so many hours a day, which leads me to rely on the creativity of friends and family to turn me on to new ways to eat my favorite foods.

While enjoying my salad with avocado last week, I reached out to Patch readers on Facebook with this post: Avocado is supposed to be a super food. But I can't think of any way to eat it other than salad. What do you do?

The response was immediate and overwhelming. From avocado-based desserts to a dozen different sandwich combinations, readers shared their favorite uses for the super fruit and a light bulb went off in this editor's head. Why not make this recipe swap a weekly feature on Patch? We can all use a little help in the kitchen and who better to lend a hand than our friends and neighbors?

That brings us to the best part of this article. The recipes! Here's what Patch readers like yourself do with this delicious green fruit (yes, it is a fruit!).

Try their suggestions and post your own in the comments below!


  • On toasted bread with a tomato, or on a turkey sandwich.
  • BLAT - Bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato YUM
  • I like it on my grilled cheese too.
  • I put honey mustard on toast, avocado, tomato, fresh chopped basil and drizzle with olive oil - yummy and filling.
  • Spinach lawash wrap with turkey, tomato, avocado, and honey mustard! It's the only way I can get 3 boys to eat it ;)
  • Slice it for sandwiches, mash it and use as a spread instead of butter, or blend it into smoothies

Salsa, Guacamole or Mayo Substitute

  • In salsa, with corn & black beans on grilled chicken!
  • I second the use of avocado as a spread instead of mayo. I also mash it and mix it with store-bought salsa for a quick snack.
  • Sliced on sandwiches is the usual way I add it to my meal. Sometimes I add it to the recipe when I'm making hummus and make an avocado hummus instead.
  • Mixed in tuna, in a bowl with olive oil and a little salt.

Your Favorite + Avocado

  • You can put avocado on pizza or as a hamburger topping even! Delicious!
  • I put some in my gazpacho soup the other day at the very last minute.
  • I like avocado with an omelette, especially one with bacon.
  • Avacados are good with cocktail sauce on them!!

Give It a Little Sugar

  • In Brazil they eat it sweet ... they put sugar and some fruits (i.e. pear)
  • Pisado con azucar es delicioso (with sugar)
  • Great for chocolate shakes and chocolate pudding, kids never know it's there!
  • I've seen it with watermelon too

And don't feel bad about splurging on your avocado consumption. Avocados are are sodium and cholesterol-free and have only five grams of fat per serving. And most of this fat is the "good" monounsaturated kind, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Avocado can be expensive, but when it's in season, you'll often find it included in Kroger's 10 for $10 specials. You'll want to select the fruit that is firm, but yielding when gently squeezed in the palm of your hand. All of your avocado questions can be answered by Avocado.org.

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