Jul 30, 2014
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Shelby to Get Glowing 'Welcome' Signs; Board Retires Bonds

Take a look at other news discussed at the Shelby Township Board of Trustees meeting.

Shelby to Get Glowing 'Welcome' Signs; Board Retires Bonds

Shelby to Recruit New Librarian

Shelby Township is looking for a new full-time adult librarian.

The Board of Trustees approved Human Resources Director Lisa Suida’s request to begin the recruitment process after the former librarian submitted a letter of resignation, which will go into effect April 21.

The librarian would receive between $23.68 and $30.24 an hour.

Early retirement of 3 Water and Sewer Bonds

The Shelby Township Board of Trustees approved the early retirement of three separate bonds in the amount of $8.2 million.

The move will save the Township more than $2 million in interest by paying off the bonds before the expiration date.

The money will be taken from a $42 million Water and Sewer reserves fund.

Police to Get New Motorola Radios

More than $30,000 was approved for the purchase of six Motorola radios.

The radios will be installed in the dispatch center of the new police station.

Beautification Committee to Purchase Illuminated “Welcome to Shelby Signs”

“Welcome to Shelby Township” will light up the night sky on Hall Road and Schoenherr and 24 Mile and Dequindre roads.

The Shelby Township Beautification committee will purchase two new signs for those locations in the amount of $14,480.

The new signs will be 5 x10 and lit by 70 watt light bulbs that have a 100,000 hour lifetime.

“We are absolutely in need of new signs and in my humble opinion we really need new signs, “ said Supervisor Rick Stathakis.

2 Re-Appointments to the Parks and Recreation Department Renewed  

The Shelby Township Board of Trustees has approved the re-appointments of Brian Zilli and Stacy Cerget to the Parks and Recreations committee.

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