Jul 25, 2014
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TSD Seeks Diversity and Inclusion Council New Members

The Diversity and Inclusion Council encourages and explores new ways to celebrate, educate and include every single child enrolled in Troy School District.

TSD Seeks Diversity and Inclusion Council New Members

The following information was supplied by the Troy School District.

Throughout the past few years, and the Troy Board of Education have continued along a path of creating a value-added and action-oriented Diversity and Inclusion Council to both support the ongoing efforts in the district and encourage and explore new ways of celebration, education and inclusion for every single child enrolled in Troy School District (TSD).  

It is important to have diverse representation on this council, from both staff of TSD, parents, and community members.  We will have an OPEN application process looking for new committed members early 2012 school year. 

After two years, we felt the need to restructure and re-asses the needs and goals for the group and become smart-focused with three task-oriented work groups.  

These groups are: 

  • Staff Development   
  • Student/Parent/Community   
  • Communication/Marketing

Some of our 2012-13 goals include:

  • Creating and implementing valuable and relevant learning experiences for teachers
  • Encouraging student input for celebratory/educational experiences for the entire district
  • Creating and maintaining D&I Council webpage linked to the TSD website with multicultural calendars, holiday information, upcoming events and more, with special pages for each individual school highlighting individual school events and accomplishments
  • Sponsoring yearly ‘Spirit of Diversity’ Awards recognizing achievements both big and small that make Troy and our world a kinder, more connected place.

So stay tuned!!  We’ve got some wonderful ideas and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

If you have any questions or would like to join us in the future, feel free to contact the D&I Council co-facilitators Jen Hilzinger at  jenhilzinger@mac.com or Anne Mull at  AMull2@troy.k12.mi.us.

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