Jul 28, 2014
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Take Five with Mitch Ryder: Rocker Likes Wyandotte

Detroit rock icon Mitch Ryder spent some time with Wyandotte Patch this week during a promotional photo shoot for his first movie endeavor, POOKERLAND.

Take Five with Mitch Ryder: Rocker Likes Wyandotte

for a promotional photo shoot for the movie POOKERLAND, . Ryder took five to sit down with Wyandotte Patch to answer a few questions.

Wyandotte Patch: Have you ever been to Wyandotte before?

Ryder: Yes. I played at a festival here a few years ago and have worked a couple bars. I’ve seen it all.

Patch: What do you think of Wyandotte?

Ryder: My first impression is that it’s fairly stable. People seem to not be as grumpy as they are in other locations. I see people walking with their kids. I don’t see a sense of fear here.

Patch: Have you ever been in a movie before?

Ryder: No. I only have about seven lines in this film. I’m not doing it for exposure. I’m doing it to lend my name to show support for a Michigan-made project. Whatever attraction I can bring with my name, I want to be helpful. I’m doing it for free.

Patch: Your former drummer, , has his paintings at in Wyandotte. Have you been in to see any of his art?

Ryder: I have not seen any of his art. I did that, too, at one point. I made three or four paintings that ended up being album covers. I’m glad he’s doing well creatively.

Patch: What is next for you?

Ryder: I’m working on a musical. It’s a beautiful story. It’s written for the stage, but I hope it becomes a movie. The working title is Hide Your Love Away. My autobiography comes out in December. It is totally self-written. I didn’t use a ghost writer and I’m pleased with that. It was my first venture in writing. I enjoyed it so much I just started writing another book. ... Fiction is always more fun, isn’t it? Reality hurts too much.

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