Jul 28, 2014
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Wyandotte Artist to Sell Paintings at The Grind

Kelly Luttrell will have his work available at the coffeehouse during the Wyandotte Street Art Fair.

Wyandotte Artist to Sell Paintings at The Grind Wyandotte Artist to Sell Paintings at The Grind Wyandotte Artist to Sell Paintings at The Grind

For almost 25 years, Wyandotte artist Kelly Luttrell rarely sold any of his paintings.

Instead, he mainly gave them away to people who were interested in his work.

“It never seemed right to take money for it,” said the 36-year-old who started his artwork as a child.

However, during this week’s , his creations will be for sale inside .

The earnings, he said, will help fund a journey throughout the U.S. that he plans to embark on later this summer. He said he plans to quit his road construction job, take to the open highways and start his travels by first heading to Florida.

“I like to ride (life) by the seat of my pants,” Luttrell said.

That attitude, he said, has inspired many of his paintings.

“They all have a meaning,” Luttrell said. “They all come from somewhere.”

One such piece depicts a man and a flaming tree, which Luttrell said represents the burning of one’s roots.

His style of painting, he said, can be best described as abstract art with elements of geometric and symmetrical design. 

Luttrell said he considers his art to be multimedia, since he uses more than just a traditional canvas for painting. Instead, some of his work is done with acrylic paint on surfaces such as wood or glass.

Another multimedia aspect is that photography is incorporated with certain paintings. Luttrell, who also works as a freelance photographer and is a former Wyandotte Patch contributor, includes a photo inside the frame of the painting that was inspired by it.

The most enjoying thing about painting, Luttrell said, is the chance to independently express his creativity.

“I like the freedom that it allows,” he said. “For me it’s been a release of sorts.”

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