Jul 28, 2014

Wyandotte Man Writes, Publishes His First Book

Shane Macintyre's 'Wyandotte Chronicles, the Girl' is set in familiar local surroundings.

Wyandotte Man Writes, Publishes His First Book

struggled with the notion of writing a book for years.

The agony of finding an agent. A hard drive crash, leading to all of his work being lost. Writer’s block after the first two setbacks.

Fast-forward to now when the 43-year-old stumbled upon the idea of self-publishing and the first of at least three books is already on area bookshelves.

“It’s pretty exciting,” Macintyre said of seeing his book on the shelves of Ukazoo Books in Southgate.

Another Look Books in Taylor is expected to soon carry it, as well. It also can be checked out, in both paperback and for the Kindle, from

was published in late May. It’s a fictional horror mystery set around Wyandotte.

The book focuses on three juniors as they embark on the summer before becoming seniors. The book, which is for an adult audience, contains graphic violence and profanity.

Macintyre, a 1987 Roosevelt grad, said the story for his first book came to him about two years ago.

“I’ve got a lot of stories in my head,” he said. “It just popped up while walking to a friend's house and it kind of took off from there.”

The book debuted the day before Memorial Day. He’s hoping to release his second book by next Memorial Day and the third a year later.

“It’s going to be a minimum of three books, but maybe more,” Macintyre said. “We’ll see how it goes after the third one is finished.”

With the book being new, Macintyre said, he hasn’t had a chance to get a lot of reader feedback, other than from friends and family.

“So far, it’s been extremely positive, but a lot of that was from people I have to see everyday,” he said. “There have been a few strangers who have read the book and said positive things, too. I’m curious to see what others think. … I think it’s good.”

Self-publishing is the way to go, he said. Getting the book to the masses is as simple as writing it, uploading it to a service site and setting a price. The service (he uses Amazon.com’s CreateSpace) handles printing it and shipping it out and sends him a check.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “They do all the work. You set the price and anything over their fee is your profit. I don’t have to buy a large quantity or have a lot of money tied into the project.”

Macintyre, who works in information technology at Wyandotte’s Enco Engineering, also enjoys painting and sculpting. He’s sold a few pieces at . He hopes to remain busy with writing for the foreseeable future.

“It would be nice to do it full time,” he said. “Right now, I'll keep writing and doing the self-publishing thing just to get the stories out there. Anything else is cake.”


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