23 Aug 2014
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For Harry Potter Fans - The End of an Era

Harry Potter fans put on their robes one last time to celebrate Harry's triumph over Voldemort at Marcus Rosemount Theatre's sold-out premiere.

Over 400 Muggles (non-wizards) packed Thursday night for the sold-out midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. The theatre used two screens for the premiere in order to accommodate moviegoers.

The majority of the audience consisted of high school and college students. The crowd picked up around 10 p.m. and before long, the line was out the door of the theatre. Around 10:30 p.m., the crowd was allowed to move into the two theatres. 

Although most attendees seemed content passing the time to midnight chatting with friends, some chose a more creative use of their time. 

Eagan High School graduate Molly Davis brought a maroon-and-gold Gryffindor (one of the four houses at Hogwarts School of Witch and Wizardry) scarf that she was crocheting. Even though Davis opted for a Harry Potter T-shirt instead of a full-fledged outfit for the premiere, she admitted she is actually a big fan.

“I’ve read all the books at least six times and I listen to them on CD while I do my homework - and I have all the movies memorized,” said Davis. 

Rosemount High School student Andrew Rome used part of his waiting time by leading his friends in singing the song from the Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise YouTube video, which is well-known among Harry Potter fans. Rome wore a Ravenclaw (another house at Hogwarts) costume to the premiere that he said he “threw together last minute.”

Many moviegoers took advantage of the final installment in the Harry Potter saga to don their wizard garb one more time. “I was really excited to dress up because I haven’t had a chance to wear this since March when I bought it,” said Inver Hills Community College graduate Maddi Pirkl, who wore a Gryffindor outfit. 

Pirkl said she was also very excited for the movie, even though she could tell from the previews that the movie and the book had their differences. Eagan High School graduate Andrew Scipioni felt the same way. “Whether or not it stays true to the book, I think it’s still going to be an excellent movie,” said Scipioni.

Rome said the fourth movie was disappointing for him because it didn’t follow the book very well. However, Rome said he thought since the seventh book was divided into two movies, the last movie would be closer to the book.

For many current young adults, Harry Potter is a symbol of their childhood. Rosemount High School graduate Ashley Wolfgang said she’s a huge fan and started reading the books in second grade. Rome said he’s been a fan ever since his mother started reading him the books when he was in kindergarten. Scipioni said that even though he’s not a fanatic, he’s also been reading the books and watching the movies ever since they came out. 

With the release of the last movie, it seems that it is the end of the Harry Potter era. Pirkl admitted that she “might actually cry” as a result of this idea, while Wolfgang said she’s “a little upset,” but feels like she’s moving on from a phase in her life.

But even though the story ends here, the Harry Potter epoch may never truly end for some fans. “I’m kind of sad, but I’m still going to buy the DVDs and keep watching them,” said Scipioni. Wolfgang shared the same feeling. “It’s just like J.K. Rowling said in her recent interview, that you never leave Hogwarts.”

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