Jul 28, 2014
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Frightmares at Buck Hill

Frightmares at Buck Hill

Frightmares at Buck

returns for its fifth season and 10 freakishly frightening nights beginning on
Friday, Oct. 11 and running through Sunday, Oct. 27. In addition to being home
to ghosts and ghouls, Frightmares also
features some of the area’s best live entertainment along with a full service
bar and restaurant.

countless generations it has crouched, a brooding malevolence, dominating the
landscape. Those who have tried to build on its land have died or gone mad. Its
soil is untilled. The twisting paths through its hollows are rarely tread and,
then, only by the foolhardy, or desperate. The remnants of man’s attempt to
tame this haunted place are few, but a forbidding reminder of what lies just
out of sight, in the shadows. Come and visit, if you dare!

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