23 Aug 2014
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Parents Talk: Is Father's Day Fair?

Do dads get cheated compared to the glory of Mother's Day?

Parents Talk: Is Father's Day Fair?


Sunday is Father’s Day– a great day to celebrate the bond you have with your dad and shower him with gifts and attention.

But, are fathers being cheated?

First of all, Mother’s Day comes first in the calendar year, and dads are left with a seemingly secondary holiday.

Mother’s Day is known as the biggest holiday for cards and a big day for flower sales. So what’s left for dads? A big retail surge of ties and grill utensils?

Congress declared the second Sunday in May as National Mother’s Day in 1914. Richard Nixon declared the third Sunday in June as National Father’s Day 58 years later. What took so long?

Americans spend $14.6 billion to show love for their mamas on Mother’s Day, according to stats from H&R Block. In comparison, we spend $9.4 billion on Father’s Day gifts and cards.

Mother’s Day is the most popular day of the year to go out to eat. I’m assuming then, that dear old dad is expected to try out the newly-gifted grill tools for a Father’s Day celebration, if there is one.

Dads, here’s some good news: Last year Google shared an interesting stat. Father's Day topped Mother's Day in Google searches for the first time. Does this mean the popularity of Father’s Day is catching up to its female counterpart?

Do you plan to give your dad or husband a gift on Father’s Day?

Dads, do you feel cheated by the holiday in your honor? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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