15 Sep 2014
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If Valentine's Day Makes You Yawn, Try Something Different

Alternatives for those who are single or who hate the cards-and-candy routine.

If Valentine's Day Makes You Yawn, Try Something Different

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, people fall into two groups: The lovesick, and those who are, well, sick of the whole thing.

Maybe you’re romantically challenged and would rather not be reminded of it. Or, maybe, you’re one of those people who thinks the self-determined Day of Romance has devolved into so much over-the-top pomp and circumstance.

Regardless, there are plenty of you out there. The good news: If this year’s V-Day will be a decidedly solo affair, Fridley Patch has put together a list of alternatives for you on what’s become one of our country’s most commercialized holidays:

While couples are filling their faces and smiling smugly at each other, you’re getting a head start on your beach body. The underlying benefit of the gym on Valentine’s Day is twofold: First, no waiting for weight or machines; second, you get a filtered look at who else is single.

This is not about drowning your troubles or crying in your beer, you’re here to watch Gophers men’s hoops versus Ohio State, the Minnesota Wild vs. Anaheim or any combination of the nine NBA games scheduled that night.

3. Takeout and a movie
Ask any couple—married or cohabitating—what’s the one thing they miss about being single and the answer will often be: “Time for myself.” Well, you’ve got it, and this might be the best possible occasion to celebrate it. When was the last time you gave yourself permission to just order a pizza, crack open a bottle of Chianti and watch a movie? If you’re part of a squadron of singlets, invite them over to do the same.    

4.   Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
First off, if you’ve not seen this collection at the Science Museum of Minnesota, it’s a must regardless of romantic status. But the larger point is that many of the area’s art galleries and museums will likely be overrun by intellectuals hoping to impress their partners. Go for something unique, something non-traditional. Look for something about which you can tell a story—the fact that it happened on Valentine's Day only adds to its richness. ( is open 10 a.m.-4 p.m.)

5. Attend a meeting
One place you're guaranteed to find other people not doing Valentine's Day stuff: a school board meeting. Spring Lake Park and Columbia Heights school boards usually meet on the same night, and this month it's Valentine's Day.

And Patch’s final piece of advice: Above all, avoid the places where all those couples go: movies playing the latest Hollywood romance, restaurants lit by candles, a local park at sunset.

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