14 Sep 2014
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Keith Ellison: 'I Look Forward to Working with Rep. Bachmann'

Making nice with Michele Bachmann after weeks of warring words?

Keith Ellison: 'I Look Forward to Working with Rep. Bachmann'

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison (DFL-MN) appears to have accepted Rep. Michele Bachmann's verbal olive branch in —if that what is was when .

"I look forward to working with Rep. Bachmann" on healthcare issues, Ellison said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. But that includes carrying out the very "Obamacare" law Bachmann has vowed to repeal:

We are always looking for ways to create a more efficient and effective healthcare system, and that includes improving Medicaid and Medicare, and fully implementing the Affordable Care Act. Minnesotans deserve to have the best healthcare system possible and I look forward to working with Rep. Bachmann and anyone else who wants to work on this issue.

Bachmann's 'Hope' for Ellison Partnership
In a meeting with business people in St. Michael, MN, Monday, Bachmann (R-MN) said:

Minnesota is the poster child for Medicaid fraud. If we're going to have a system, we need a system that works for the poor. Right now, it's not working. I've been in communication with Rep. Ellison and hope to work with him on this issue. 

She added that reform would help more of Ellison's constituents than hers:

If it helps him more, who cares? It's broken and it needs to be fixed. 

Ellison's Washington Post Op-ed
The conflict between Ellison and Bachmann over her allegations of penetration of the federal government by people with allegiance to the Muslim Brotherhood—including what she said was Ellison's "" with the organization—continued to simmer over the weekend with an op-ed by Ellison in the Washington Post:

When Rep. Michele Bachmann and four of her Republican colleagues alleged “deep penetration” into our government by the Muslim Brotherhood many Americans experienced an ugly instance of “déjà vu.” However when this letter was exposed to the full light of public review, something very important happened. The clear response from across the political spectrum shouldn’t be overlooked.

It was gratifying to see several senior Republican leaders including Arizona Sen. John McCain and House Speaker John Boehner—third in line from the presidency—denounce Rep. Bachmann’s baseless accusations of disloyalty. ...

While Bachmann attempts to separate Americans by whipping up hostility over religious differences, leaders of all views have stood up to defend every American’s right to practice faith freely.


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