23 Aug 2014
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New Bill Would Allow Sunday Liquor Sales

‘Our citizens and businesses deserve a less restrictive regulatory climate,’ Eden Prairie Rep. Jenifer Loon says. What do you think of removing the Sunday liquor sales ban?

New Bill Would Allow Sunday Liquor Sales

Sunday beer runs to Wisconsin will be a thing of the past if state Rep. Jenifer Loon (R-District 48B) gets her way.

The Eden Prairie legislator has introduced a bill that would remove a ban on Sunday liquor sales. If the bill passes, liquor stores would be able remain open Sundays, although local communities could set the hours and rules for liquor sales.

Loon, the deputy minority leader, released the following statement Monday announcing the bill:

“The time has come for state government to abolish this outdated law and move the decision closer to the people. While local governments should have the final say in how these sales are controlled, our citizens and businesses deserve a less restrictive regulatory climate that invites competition, creates jobs and brings fundamental freedom back to our communities. While I understand and appreciate some of the concerns raised by opponents of Sunday sales in the past, none of our neighboring states ban off-sale liquor sales on Sunday, and Minnesota is one of only 12 states nationwide with such a law. I have worked with both Republicans and Democrats who are ready to make this small but important change to our state statutes and enhance our economic competitiveness.”

Sunday liquor sales have been a long-running controversy in Minnesota. Some critics worry that Sunday sales would be hard on small businesses, while others say residents don’t need another day to buy alcohol. But supporters argue that the state ban takes power away from business owners and local communities and causes Minnesota businesses to lose out to neighboring states.  

What do you think of Sunday liquor sales? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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