Jul 28, 2014

SEE: Proposed 2012 Redistricting Maps for Fridley

The city council will review new ward and precinct lines in March.

In February, the put the city of Fridley into a single state Senate district and a single state House district. 

Now Anoka County and the City of Fridley are proposing political boundaries within Fridley that take into account the .

(See the PDF maps with this post. The county's map shows population counts and block-by-block detail. The city's map shows polling place locations.)

The Fridley City Council will consider the 2012 redistricting map on March 12 and March 26, according to a post at the City of Fridley website, before an April 4 deadline to submit the plan to Anoka County and the State of Minnesota. 

"We have reviewed our wards and found that there is less than 1% deviation of the population within each ward," the City of Fridley redistricting post says, but one change is this: 

Because there is longer a legislative split between Ward 2 Precinct 4 and Ward 2 Precinct 5, the City Council will be combining those two precincts back into one precinct.  The voters will continue to vote at North Park Elementary.  

What do you think? Leave a comment below. (To make an official comment, you need to contact the City of Fridley directly.)

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