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Local Race Results: Golden Valley Election 2012

How did Golden Valley vote in the general election?

Local Race Results: Golden Valley Election 2012

We knew early on in the evening on Nov. 6 that President Barak Obama would declare a victory and extend his role as president for four more years. But unofficial results for some local races didn't solidify until the until the wee hours of the morning.

By about midnight, though only 90 percent of the votes were in at that time, we knew that Sherry Tyrrell, Helen Bassett and John Vento would be named to the ISD 281 school board.

Rep. Keith Ellison held a steady lead on challenger Chris Fields for the Fifth Congressional District, despite vicious debates leading up to election day.

Sen. Ann Rest led the race for State Senate District 45. In total, she beat former Golden Valley Mayor Blaire Tremere by 13,572 votes. Paul Scofield fell to Ron Latz in Senate District 46.

In House District 45B, it wasn't surprising that Golden Valley City Councilmember Mike Freiberg beat Reid Johnson by 7,313 votes. Rep. Ryan Winkler led the race in District 46A, beating John Swanson.

Despite his efforts to appeal to minority groups, Blong Yang fell to Sen. Linda Higgins. Yang received 39 percent of the votes for District 2 Hennepin County Commissioner.

Golden Valley firefighter and resident Marc Berris wasn't elected to the Fourth Judicial Court, seat 44. Lois Conroy won the seat with 63 percent of the votes. For seat 22, Elizabeth Cutter won by a landslide, beating Steven Antolak and taking 72 percent of the votes.

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Updated Nov. 7


Senate District 45Name Party Total Votes Percentage Blaire Tremere GOP
15036 34.40% Ann Rest
    28608 65.45%

    Senate District 46

      Ron LatzDFL
    22011 67.05% Paul ScofieldGOP
    10748 32.74%


    State Representative District 45BName Party Total Votes Percentage Mike Freiberg DFL
    15053 65.95% Reid JohnsonGOP
    7740 33.91%State Representative District 46ARyan Winkler DFL
    15249 65.89% John Swanson GOP
    7860 33.96%


    Hennepin County Commissioner District 2Name Total Votes Percentage Linda Higgins 41935 59.39% Blong Yang 28115 39.82%


    *Percentage of precincts reporting:193 of 196 precincts reporting at 6:30 a.m.

    Fourth Judicial District, Seat 44 Name Total Votes Percentage Marc Berris 65454 36.00% Lois Conroy 114497 62.98%Fourth Judicial District, Seat 22 Name Total Votes Percentage Steven Antolak47464 26.21% Elizabeth Cutter131797 72.78%


    *Percentage of precincts reporting:218 of 221 precincts reporting at 6:30 a.m.

    Fifth Congressional DistrictName Party Total Votes Percentage Keith Ellison DFL 257295 74.27% Chris Fields GOP 88040 25.41%


    Robbinsdale Area SchoolsName Total Votes Percentage Helen Bassett 20185 24.88% Ron Stoffel 11068 13.64% Sherry Tyrrell 20671 25.48% Peter Vasseur 10118 12.47% John Vento 18444 22.74%

    Looking Back

    In the 2008 General Election, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State's election results, about 14,000 residents voted in Golden Valley. Of the 14,000, about 9,200 people voted for soon-to-be President Barak Obama. Results show that roughly 4,500 Golden Valley residents voted for John McCain.

    In last summer's primary election, overall, Hennepin County saw a decrease in voting. Although the polls in Golden Valley saw an increase of voters from 2008. According to the Minnesota Secretary of State's website, 2,336 Golden Valley residents voted in Minnesota's primary election.

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