23 Aug 2014
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2013 Golden Valley Recycling Schedule

Wondering when you put your recycle bins on your curb as we move into 2013?

2013 Golden Valley Recycling Schedule

Information provided by the City of Golden Valley.

This week, Allied Waste will be mailing its 2013 recycling calendars to Golden Valley’s curbside recycling customers. Watch for the flyer in your mail and keep it in an easily accessible place for future reference. The calendars are also available on the City’s website.

Also, with winter here please remember that recycling carts should not be placed in the street for collection. They need to be placed behind the edge of the roadway so snow plows can clear the entire width of the street.

Recycling Tips

  • All items, including cardboard, must fit in the cart for collection, ideally with the lid closed.
  • Crush cans and flatten cardboard. If you still have overflow, place the topmost loose items in a paper bag and gently fold it closed (don’t seal it with tape or staples).
  • If you need a larger cart, call Allied Waste at 952-941-5174. There is no additional fee for larger or additional carts.
  • Place carts outside of the traveled roadway for collection. Carts in the street can pose a safety hazard as well as an operational challenge for traffic, snow plowing, and other maintenance activities.

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